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I just wanted to notice that i spent one of my best semesters ever here in Venice. It was the most impressing experience both positive and negative and I will miss all of you.
Thanks to

  • Mary and Stoney, for giving me back my self-confidence and the pleasure of art
  • Franziska for a great time and being a friend when I need one
  • Tali and Theresa for discussions, fun and the experience that a study group can really study
  • Tamar just for being herself.
  • Yoni for nice conversations both drunk and sober 🙂
  • Naoko for being a great room-mate and my personal new link to Tokyo
  • Veronique for asking so much that I recognized how interesting life can be
  • All the Japanese for my personal cultural shock
  • …and also the americans for the same.
  • Eric for stalking on me with the „feelings“ of his room-mate
  • Kristen for making my time in the literary course passing by more easier
  • Riccardo for his sarcastic and sometimes funny, but always critical view of the world an in particular our little „Alcatraz“
  • and all the others I maybe forgot, for giving me the pleasure of spending 3 months with you in the maybe most beautiful city of the World

Thank You All!

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Büchermachender Bücherwurm mit feministischen Tendenzen und einer dunklen Vergangenheit im Bildungswesen. Kommuniziert viel, gerne und macht das irgendwie auch beruflich.

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